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PG Bison’s OnTrend Digital Magazine

PG Bison has an inspiring digital magazine called OnTrend, to bring you the luxury of traditional print media straight onto any device you choose. What better way to keep up with trends than an easily accessible digital magazine you can share with your friends and family? The digital platform means that you will have instant access to the ever-changing trends of the 21st century.

Our PG Bison colours have been carefully researched and selected to fit with both local and international trends so that customers can create the combination that best suits them. Everything from MelaWood through to Surface Innovation’s Corian products are represented and you can see exactly how they are being used to stay trendy in the world of interior design.

The OnTrend digital magazine is focussed on showcasing the way in which PG Bison’s wood-based panel products are used in modern design to create unique kitchen units, elegant shop fittings and engaging office spaces.

How Do I Get Featured in PG Bison’s OnTrend?

We are constantly receiving communications on how you can get your business featured in the OnTrend Magazine.

We are happy to receive photos and stories on how our wood based panels made your space special. If you’ve created a stylish space using PG Bison and/or Surface Innovations’ vast range of products send your information and images to marketing@pgbison.co.za. Continue sharing your work and your project could very well be the next one we showcase in OnTrend.