Formica HPL offers the most versatile of surfacing materials for both horizontal and vertical applications. With its exceptional resistance to wear, scuff, impact, heat, moisture and stains it provides an unbeatable low maintenance, durable and dependable surface, easy to clean and hygienic too.

Formica HPL is fabricated by laying up sheets of resin-impregnated kraft paper together with a resin-impregnated décor paper for the surface. These sheets are then pressed together under high heat and pressure whereby the resins bond the construction together into a homogenous decorative laminate.


Albany Walnut R26031
Alder Wood 1181
Enya-Walnut 1105
Smoked Dakota Oak 1158
Cactus C049
Pastel Green U186
Florida F001
Comet Granite Matt 1198
ISIS Kokino 698
Mocha-Granite 1213
Rust Stone R049
Grey-Cloud-EPM G029
Dove-Grey-EPM G075
Grey-Cloud-ROC G029
Dove-Grey ROC G075